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Garage Door Spring Repair in Renton
Spring Repair Garage Door in Renton

Garage Door Spring Repair in Renton

There is no way to delay repairing a Brenton garage door spring if you have a broken one. The damage is too great to postpone it any longer. Fortunately, Brenton has a RAS Garage Door company that specializes in spring repair. Contact the company for a quote for repair or replacement. After all, you can never be too sure that your garage door will continue to function properly. In addition, our professional can take care of repairing garage door springs in any part of the country, including in Renton.

garage door spring repair in Renton

garage door spring repair in Renton

When it comes to spring door maintenance, most professional services recommend torsion springs. Twisting springs are located next to the door opening. Fortunately, RAS Garage Door technicians are fully equipped to repair both systems. Twisting springs are of the safer type, as they are smaller, but still have enough power to lift a heavy door. Twisting springs are also more economical than extension springs, but you should still professionally inspect your garage doors and springs before they fail.

RAS Garage Door is a full-service door repair company providing service to Renton, WA. Their technicians are experienced in repairing all types of garage doors, including roller carriages, vinyl stripe doors and sliding gates. They also perform partial replacements and hardware renovations. They can even install new doors. If your garage is in Renton,WA, you should contact them for a quote. They can help you decide if it’s worth the money to repair or replace your garage door spring.

A company like RAS Garage Door Services can provide Renton garage door repair for residences in Renton. They specialize in various garage door brands and provide expert service while minimizing customer property damage. In addition, they provide programming services and keyboard testing for garage door openers. And the company’s emergency service 24 hours a day is second to none. A broken spring is an incredibly frustrating experience for anyone, but essential to repairing a garage door quickly.

How to maintain a spring for a garage door?

There are several ways to extend the life of your garage door springs in Renton. The first way to maintain it is to apply lithium base oil without dripping on the coils. This is best done during the fall, when temperatures are below zero, and in the evening when the temperature is above 320 F. Lubrication also helps prevent ringing noises from your springs. For best results, lubricate the springs once or twice a year.

How to maintain a spring for a garage door

Garages are different from homes, and the environmental conditions in Renton, WA can be very different. Although you may have a heater installed, you may still have to deal with colder, drier conditions. These factors can damage metal and a rust prone to rust. Whether the springs are made of metal or polyurethane, extreme cold and high temperatures can weaken or break them.

While repairing a spring for a garage door is relatively easy, it is best to do so at the first sign of trouble. Garages usually have two springs, which means that replacing the two springs at the same time can prevent the door from becoming unbalanced and wear out prematurely. If the springs are not adjusted properly, the garage door will not function as it should, resulting in excessive wear and tear on the rest of the material.
To solve this problem and save you money that will just be thrown on new springs, contact a RAS Garage Door technician who will take care of your existing springs.


If you live in Brenton, Washington and notice that your garage door is not working properly, maybe it’s time to replace the springs. The garage doors are made of several springs that work together to maintain the door balance. To get the best deal, swap two springs at once. It is also advisable to ask a RAS Garage Door technician about the cost of this service, it will most likely give you a discount if the two springs are replaced.

It is important to get professional assistance when replacing garage door springs, as they provide lifting power. A broken spring will make it dangerous to lift the door yourself, and may even cause further damage to the door. Call the RAS Garage Door in the area Renton, WA to replace special residential springs. We offer same day appointments so you can contact us immediately to repair your garage door as soon as possible. We offer a wide range of spring replacement services, and you can count on our same day emergency service.

When it comes to garage door springs, there are a number of different types. Twisting springs are the most common, and are recommended for heavy doors. Twisting springs rotate tightly, using radial force instead of linear force. Smaller torsion springs are more compact, but they can lift heavier doors. The RAS Garage Door in Brenton, Washington offers torsion spring replacement services. Can also be galvanized. Galvanizing is a process that improves the durability of springs.

Replacing springs for garage door in Renton

Replacing springs for garage door in Renton
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