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Garage Door Installation in Renton

Planning to install a new garage door? You have come to the right place and left the job to the professional staff of the RAS Garage Door in Renton WA . We have been providing local homeowners with garage door related services for many years, and our expert technicians can install doors of all sizes, types and brands.

Common mistakes in installing garage doors

Designed garage door installation in Renton

There are a number of common mistakes that should be avoided when installing garage doors. One of these mistakes is installing the lift motor and the assembly outside the center. This will cause the garage door to twist and stick, which can damage the components over time. If you do not know how to properly install garage doors, contact a RAS Garage Door company in Renton, WA, and they will take care of the problem. Carefully read the installation instructions and seek the advice of a RAS Garage Door professional to ensure proper installation.

Some homeowners install the engine off-center. They think it will allow them more room for obstacles, but this is not the right way to install an automatic garage door unit. Even a slight lack of concentration will cause the garage door to twist and damage the garage. Improper placement can also cause the door to become clogged with dirt and debris. , You can hire a professional from a RAS Garage Door company in Renton to install your garage door in the right place and to avoid these common mistakes.

One of the most common mistakes in installing a garage door is not ordering a professional. Even if you hired someone to install your garage door, you may not understand what type you need until it is in place. A professional from a RAS Garage Door company will know what type of door you need before installation, so do not rush through the process. This way you will be sure to get a quality door that will last for many years.

Designed garage door installation in Renton

The garage door installation companies RAS Garage Door in Renton, WA, have a variety of design templates that you can download to imagine your new garage door. You can then request a quote using the design template. The cost for a custom design will vary depending on the size of your door and the materials you choose. To get an idea of what you can expect for your installation.

Designed garage door installation in Renton
Installing a garage door lock

Installing a garage door lock

efore installing a new garage door lock, make sure you know how to drill holes.
If you do not know how to do this work yourself, contact a qualified RAS Garage Door professional in Renton, WA. Some doors already have a hole in the mold for the latch. Be sure to align the hole in the vertical rail with the pilot holes in the lock. Next, install the new lock by running two screws through the holes. Follow the instructions provided with your lock, and you’ll be ready! Just make sure you use a spirit level to ensure proper fit.

The exterior style is usually the center of the section, though odd-sized doors may not be completely straight. Then, drill holes perpendicular to the section to install the T-handle. You can use a wide diameter drill. The drill should be perpendicular to the section. Use a drill slightly larger than required. When drilling holes, drill faster than usual to get the best finish.

Then, you will need to install the lock. A garage door lock can be a simpler tool or a more complicated system. If you want to install your own lock, the first step is to order a lock that matches the garage door opener. There are many styles available, and each has its own definition. A mechanical lock takes longer to install a manual lock, you can save yourself the time by hiring a technician from a RAS Garage Door company in Renton to install the lock in your place.

Installing a garage door
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